RBP Chemical Introduces Low VOC Emulsion-Based Press Wash That Meets CA EPA Guidelines

RBP Chemical's CA 1171 Press Wash is a new low VOC emulsion-based press wash that meets all California EPA regulatory guidelines.

MILWAUKEE—April 23, 2014—RBP Chemical Technology announced today the release of CA 1171 Press Wash, a new low VOC emulsion-based press wash designed to meet all California EPA regulatory guidelines.

CA 1171 Press Wash exceeds the California EPA’s stringent regulations for roller and blanket washes, dictating that printers use products with a VOC content of 100 grams per liter or less. RBP’s solution has a VOC content of 85 grams per liter and is viable on all types of sheetfed press equipment, including both conventional and UV applications. CA 1171 Press Wash contains a mix of ingredients that provide ink cutting power and components that help remove paper coating and fibers.

CA 1171 Press Wash is a stable microemulsion of water and solvents to aid in the removal of water soluble contaminants. This wash will dry effectively and easily mixes with water to leave no residue on the rollers after cleaning. It features a low odor, high flashpoint of 118 degrees F and is water miscible. CA 1171 does not contain acetone, a very flammable material sometimes used to decrease VOC content.

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Source: RBP.

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