Offset and Beyond — Training Ground For the Winners

Ralph Pontillo

WOA leaders along with our sheetfed advisors have devoted entire tracks to the technology of the processes with a web technology track and a sheetfed technology track. We offer a full gamut of sessions in the management and combination tracks for a total of four tracks. New suggested features are implemented each year such as a Saturday start, a concentrated all-day session on fulfillment, a Green Printers Showcase and a student outreach program.

The foundation of the meeting remains. There are newsmaker speakers such as James Bradley (author of “Flags of Our Father”) and David Gregory (MSNBC White House correspondent); industry notables such as Jim Andersen, president and CEO of IWCO; Ken Field from Continental Web and winner of the Harry V. Quadracci Vision Award; panelists representing the best practices in successful printing companies; and real-world talk and solutions about everyday problems.

The 35 topics and numerous sessions form the backdrop for you and your team to develop a lifetime of industry friends and colleagues to help you on your road to success. Supplier sponsors partner with printers to bring the best information for and about successful printing practices.

And, you can customize your schedule to meet your individual and company needs and interests.

Downturns? Maybe. Recession? Possibly. These questions are interesting, but it really doesn’t matter. As printers, we need to ask: What are we doing to prepare our people to outperform the competition? What are we doing right and should continue? What practices should we stop? What new directions should we begin? What trends are likely to affect us? What actions should we take? What changes in the economy can we capitalize upon?

These are the questions of winners. Offset and Beyond 2008 is the training ground for the winners!

Please join us.

Offset and Beyond 2008 will launch on April 26-29 in Schaumburg, IL. For more information, contact Justin Goldstein at PI

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