Offset and Beyond — Training Ground For the Winners

Ralph Pontillo

WITH THE 2008 election cycle in full throttle, the operative word is change. . .as usual. The printing industry is not immune to the calls for change. Our history demonstrates our mastery of change. With the ripple effects of the housing mortgage meltdown, energy prices spiraling out of sight, healthcare costs rising and the drumbeat of a recession, do we have a choice but to change? No. But what we change will separate the printing companies as leaders or laggards.

Actions we continue will be as important as actions we start or stop. In every downturn, whether it is an official recession or not, winners emerge. Winners don’t lay low or “wait and see.” Winners act!

As the dedicated printers and suppliers of the Web Offset Association (WOA), we recognize the gamut of tactics that your company needs to focus upon. Offset and Beyond 2008 is a lens on the critical issues with proven techniques to drive your company to be a winner. It is a lens to focus on the future, a lens to focus on the profitability map and a lens to action. Winners focus on people; this conference is about people—people in your company who will drive profits, cement customer relationships and become your first line of defense to master operating excellence.

Offset and Beyond 2008 is the second year of a partnership formed with WOA and PIA/GATF to offer a one-stop conference for both web and sheetfed offset printers. This conference is our place to form a community, our place to answer questions about the business of printing. 2008 will build on the success and feedback of 2007.

Our common foundation is offset lithography and the “beyond” acknowledges that the offset community is wider and broader than offset lithography and includes digital printing, green issues and much more. It’s about the business of printing. It’s about the business of people in printing!

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