Radius Is Reinventing the Role of the Financial Printer

BOSTON—May 9, 2012—John Clunan, best known for establishing Merrill Corp.’s Boston office more than 20 years ago and credited with growing that company from a little-known Midwest printer, is reinventing financial publishing.

Now as principal of Radius Financial Compliance Group, a division of Radius, Clunan has positioned the company to service the financial sector with technology, turn times and pricing that reflect advances made in the industry. “We know their pains and we established Radius Financial Compliance Group to reinvent the role of the print provider,” he said.

The SEC final rulings that affect 33 and 40 Act companies are not news to anyone. Nor is the reality of the deadlines involved in producing the print, SEC-compliant HTML, and XBRL documents new to any fund administrator, fund accountant, mutual fund marketing professional, or legal department.

“I haven’t become successful by knocking my competition, but I will say that Radius is small enough to be able to implement change quickly and we feel responsible to do so,” Clunan noted.

Radius has been able to reduce production calendars by a week with its services. “All of our clients receive this kind of service; we don’t just cater to some,” pointed out Clunan. He explained that Radius has introduced significant advances to financial professionals with the advent of Radius Global Publisher. “This proprietary software generates a typeset print ready proof, an SEC compliant HTML document, and a mapped and tagged XBRL document—dynamically.”

Radius clients also have the choice and capability to edit their source document via their hand held mobile device and all documents are stored in the cloud, another industry first. The company offers clients tools to streamline communications with document management, remote access to documents, and 24/7/365 coverage.

“We’ve even developed a solution for fund accountants who must manually foot their financials after edit rounds,” Clunan said. “Our company knows the industry, and our clients know we’re here to make a difference. Our developers create solutions, the marketing side can develop and print corresponding documentation, and our support team can be on-site to give hands-on demos – all within a week. And that’s just how it should work.”

Radius also offers content management, document hosting, and the Radius Marketing Group provides print-on-demand, and sheet and web printing, creative services, Web development, and warehousing and fulfillment services.

Source: Radius.

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