Rémi Marcoux Steps Down as Chairman of Transcontinental

MONTREAL—Feb. 16, 2012—The annual TC Transcontinental shareholders’ meeting was highlighted by the tribute paid to Rémi Marcoux, outgoing chairman of the board and founder, and the election of his daughter, Isabelle Marcoux, as chair of the board. Marcoux will remain on the board as a director.

Marcoux spoke about his pride in the company’s achievements and thanked the thousands of people who have worked for TC Transcontinental since 1976, the year he founded the company with Claude Dubois and André Kingsley.

“My dream was to found a company that was built on my values and that would last for a long time. Every day I have had the great pleasure of realizing this dream. In addition to enjoying seeing Transcontinental grow, I also have a great feeling of pride. We are members of the select group that has been in business for 35 years or more, and this is a wonderful achievement.

“It shows our ability to weather storms and change,” Marcoux continued. “We had to adapt, anticipate trends, transform ourselves and take calculated risks. In this period when the print, media and marketing communications industries are in a state of transformation, I am certain that Transcontinental will continue to find excellent opportunities for growth.”

Marcoux also explained his decision to step down as chairman. “My decision has been planned to ensure an orderly and transparent transition in the chair of the board. Isabelle has all the qualities needed for this role. She has been vice chair of the board of Transcontinental since 2008. She is also a member of the boards of several other major Canadian corporations. For the past 15 years, as corporate vice president of development, she has also been a central player in determining Transcontinental’s approach to its issues and major orientations. She is the ideal candidate for this position.

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