Rémi Marcoux Steps Down as Chairman of Transcontinental

“As a director, I will continue to keep a close watch over Transcontinental. I have exciting projects, including, in the short term, visiting our employees in their workplaces to personally thank them for their contribution to Transcontinental’s success. I am delighted to have the health and energy to get involved in new activities,” Marcoux added

A promising future
Isabelle Marcoux, the new chair of the board, paid tribute to the legacy created by her father through his many years of commitment to the growth of Transcontinental.

“Rémi is giving us a company with assets which place it in an excellent position for the future: sustained growth, loyal and satisfied customers, a strong corporate culture based on the values of innovation, respect, performance and teamwork, a low debt level, a commitment to sustainable and responsible development and excellent corporate governance,” she said.

The company’s new chair also commented on the main challenges facing Transcontinental going forward. “We must continue our transformation by developing digital products and services that are aligned with the marketing strategies of our customers; we must create value for our shareholders, both by leveraging our assets and by making strategic investments; and we must broaden our reputation as a company that acts responsibly in its community and is true to its values.”

Activating change
Addressing the shareholders’ meeting, François Olivier, president and CEO, presented the highlights of fiscal 2011 in these terms: “I would describe 2011 as a year of major change at Transcontinental. We have redefined the basis of our future development. Whether this involved modernizing our values, positioning and our new branding; or setting up programs to promote innovation; or markedly improving the performance of our print network; or announcing the acquisition of Quad/Graphics Canada; or amalgamating our Media and Interactive sectors, we have had a single aim throughout: to serve our customers better.”

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