Questions that Salespeople Fail to Ask – Sharpen Your Pencil: Weekly Sales FAQ Videos

Ryan Sauers is the president and owner of Sauers Consulting Strategies.
By Ryan Sauers

The video below is the first in a new series of “Sharpen Your Pencil” Weekly Sales Videos where Ryan Sauers, president and owner of Sauers Consulting Strategies, will address and answer frequently asked sales questions, and provide insight in regard to printing and related industries sales and marketing issues.

This week’s video addresses common questions that salespeople fail to ask and why it matters, and also reveals what the true goal of each sales call should be.

How much time should be spent listening and how much time should be spent talking?

Find out by clicking on the video below:

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  • Robert

    This is some good info. I love the sharpen the pencil analogy. Keep them coming.