Quebecor World Awards MAN Roland Largest Web Press Order

AUGSBURG, GERMANY/MONTREAL–Quebecor World Inc. has awarded a multi-million dollar order for 16 web presses to MAN Roland Inc. The new presses are part of a recently announced major strategic capital investment plan that includes the purchase of a total of 22 new presses for Quebecor World’s U.S. magazine, catalog, retail and book platforms.

“This investment will benefit our customers and our shareholders by enhancing service and quality and improving efficiency. We are pleased to partner with MAN Roland because they produce a top quality product that will be delivered on time,” said Pierre Karl Peladeau, president and CEO, Quebecor World Inc.

The order, to be delivered over three years, will include:

* 64-page LITHOMAN book presses designed for short- and long-run, one- and two-color book work. These presses, equipped with MAN Roland’s AutoTransfer technology, are capable of switching from one form to the next without stopping the press.

* 48- and 64-page LITHOMAN presses configured for high page counts and high-quality four-color commercial, magazine and book work.

* 48- and 64-page ROTOMAN press-lines configured for high-volume magazine production.

“These new presses are the right fit for our customers and for our strategic plan going forward,” said Dave Boles, COO, Quebecor World North America. “They will further expand our flexible, multi-plant offering, enabling our customers to save time and print closer to the end user to further reduce distribution costs.”

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