QuantumDigital Releases White Paper on Using Technology to Improve Direct Mail ROI

AUSTIN, TX—August 9, 2010—QuantumDigital, Inc., the online service provider of digital print, direct mail, email marketing and multi-channel marketing, today released a new white paper, “Leveraging Technology to Improve Direct Mail ROI.” It explains how today’s marketers are blending sophisticated marketing technologies with direct mail and other emerging channels to track campaign elements, collect valuable lead data and generate ROI metrics.

The white paper was written to demonstrate how to leverage new technologies—including QR codes, mobile texting, and marketing automation—in ways that motivate consumer engagement and response while giving a boost to a company’s bottom line. It is available for download on the firm’s website.

“The direct marketing landscape has undergone a shift to embrace these new technologies, but direct mail is not going to disappear anytime soon,” said Jamie Klemcke, Director of Marketing, QuantumDigital. “The integration of new technologies in direct mail processes is making extreme personalization, accurate response tracking, pinpoint targeting and database-driven triggered direct mail campaigns not only possible, but timely, affordable and effective.”

As campaigns have shifted toward social media and online marketing in recent years, many marketers have turned away from direct mail campaigns, arguing that mailings are no longer an effective way to market to customers and prospects. And while some marketers believe that targeted emails and Facebook fan pages are the way to reach new customers in today’s marketplace, this whitepaper provides detailed examples for using new technologies in combination with direct mail to easily A/B test creative and messaging, serve warm leads back in real-time, track a campaign’s ROI and quickly launch a more cost effective multi-touch campaign. Technologies considered include:

• Personalization
• Variable Data Printing
• Unique Codes
• Personalized URLs (PURLs)
• Quick Response (QR) Codes
• Mobile Marketing

“Despite all the advances in technology and the new marketing channels available to today’s marketer, direct mail is still a true workhorse for finding new customers and building increased customer loyalty among existing customers,” said Klemcke. “Today’s technological advances are improving the ROI on integrated direct marketing campaigns and marketers who summarily dismiss direct mail as a part of their campaigns are ignoring an important opportunity to improve campaign response rates.

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