QuantumDigital Launches Direct Mail Marketing App for Small Businesses

AUSTIN, TX—April 10, 2012—QuantumDigital Inc., a provider of turnkey, integrated direct marketing services, on-demand digital printing and email marketing, has launched QuantumCards, the first direct mail marketing iPhone app for small business. Utilizing the iPhone’s geolocation capabilities, the app allows neighborhood businesses to initiate a direct mail campaign while on the go and attract targeted prospects.

QuantumCards is an intelligent and simple-to-use mobile marketing resource that empowers users to market smarter and generate more leads faster than ever. The app allows neighborhood businesses to easily and quickly initiate a direct mail campaign while out in the field, in their car or at the local coffee shop.

Using QuantumCards from an iPhone, users can quickly mail postcards for a variety of purposes—to announce that they are working in a specific neighborhood, market new real estate listings, advertise special local events or sales, promote in-store offers and specials, and more.

“Location-based marketing technology is on the radar for many major brands, and 2012 is the year that this technology will not only be present but become the norm on many smartphones,” said Freddie Baird, executive vice president and chief operating officer, QuantumDigital. “In anticipation of this shift, the QuantumCards app was created to merge mobile marketing with location-based technology and direct mail, literally turning the iPhone into a marketing communications device.”

How it works:

  • The QuantumCards app is available as a free download in the iTunes store. Users can create a high-impact, glossy 8.5X5.5˝ postcard and mail it to targeted residents around their current location or target address, using QuantumDigital’s proprietary neighborhood mapping technology and consumer list.
  • Users can customize the front with a photo and add a personal message and company logo to the back of the piece.
  • QuantumCards users can also integrate quick response code (QR Code) technology into their postcards to direct recipients to interact with them online.

QuantumCards ordering process:

  • Snap – user takes a photo using the camera on their iPhone, or selects one from their photo library.
  • Customize – user customizes the message on the back of the piece and has the option to include a personal photo, logo, contact information, and QR Code.
  • Map – user can select recipients from their device’s contact list, or using their iPhone’s GPS feature and QuantumDigital’s proprietary neighborhood mapping technology, can mail to targeted prospects around their current location.
  • Review – user can view the addresses to which their postcard will be mailed on an interactive map or click to view the addresses in a list format.
  • Mail – at check-out, the user can select to have a copy of the postcard sent to them, enter payment information, and click to mail their postcards.

To learn more about QuantumCards, visit quantumdigital.com/qcards-pr.

About QuantumDigital
QuantumDigital Inc. is the turnkey provider for measurable direct mail, on-demand printing and email marketing, specializing in developing data-driven integrated direct marketing programs. By leveraging the latest technologies, QuantumDigital offers real estate professionals, small businesses and enterprise-level organizations a more targeted, measurable and integrated approach to direct response marketing and lead generation. Founded in 1986, QuantumDigital is based in Austin, TX.

Source: QuantumDigital.