Quality House of Graphics — A Color Connoisseur


Upon returning from serving in the army during World War II, brothers Ozzie and Vary Aslanian founded a photoengraving shop in New York City. The name “Quality” was adopted sometime later, but management has always taken pride in the high level of craftsmanship offered by the company.

At the same time, Quality House of Graphics has been a leader in adopting new technologies. The philosophy guiding its investments is that craftsmanship is enhanced, not replaced, by technology.

Benchmarks in the company’s history include being the first in its market to install a Quantel Graphic Paintbox, for high-end retouching work; and a waterless press, to push the limits of dry offset printing. Quality House of Graphics has since progressed to desktop solutions and gone back to traditional offset printing. Even so, it has continued to beta test new technologies and has been an early adopter of products, such as the Fujifilm FinalProof digital halftone color proofer.

As the company’s Website notes, “Quality understands that technological obsolescence, although inevitable, is manageable and can also be exciting.”

The family owned firm does business through several divisions—including Rapoport Printing and Gotham Graphics—but operates as one, integrated company under a single roof. A new digital fine-art printing division was slated to begin operating the first of the new year.

Quality’s client base is concentrated in the high-end cosmetic, fashion, ad agency and music markets, primarily in the New York City area. “The prep/retouching market has shrunk, with clients doing more of the work in-house. That’s left us with the real high-end, critical-color work,” notes COO John Aslanian, the son and nephew of the two founders.

“We try to stay focused, for lack of a better word, on the high-end or quality-oriented market” adds Aslanian. “We don’t want to compete with the 3,000 other companies that list themselves as printers in the state of New York. There’s always somebody who can do it cheaper.”

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