With the help of her husband, Audrey Yeats offers new

technology and high-end customer service to her clients.


In 1956, Audrey Yeats not only fell in love with her husband Richard Yeats, she also fell in love with printing.

“When I met my husband, he had just opened up a little print shop. We used to have our dates in the print shop,” Yeats remembers with a smile. Their “work dates,” as Audrey refers to them, were also a time for her to learn the graphic arts trade. “Together, the two of us built the business. Slowly, we began to add one employee after another,” she says.

Over the years that small print shop has evolved into Quality Graphics Center in Roselle, NJ, and Audrey Yeats has evolved from a print shop neophyte to the president of Quality Graphics. Today, Quality Graphics is a digital prepress and commercial printing operation with 45 employees, generating more than $8 million in annual sales.

While Yeats has been involved with the intimate details of running the business from the beginning, her tenure as president began in 1996 after her husband resigned his post. “I had been performing the duties of the president all along. We’ve never had a rigid line of control here,” she remarks. “We always worked by consensus, not by majority.

Sticking with Sales

Richard Yeats decided to step down as president, but maintain his position as chairman of the board and continue his sales duties. Now, with a woman at the helm, the company could pursue certification as a female-owned business enterprise with the New Jersey Department of Commerce. This certification enabled them to pursue printing contracts with larger corporations, which do business with the government.

“We are now reaching toward preferred vendor status with these corporations. We don’t want to be just the small, woman-owned business getting a little piece of the pie,” she explains. “What we are looking for is to have this certification open the door for us. We want to walk through the door and show them what we are capable of producing,” Yeats remarks.

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