What Quality Graphics is capable of producing is impressive. The company has won several Gold Ink and Premier Print Awards over the years. Its clients include pharmaceutical companies, utilities, colleges and universities, and major manufacturers. “We specialize in high-end, high-quality work such as annual reports, catalogs and promotional materials,” she reveals. Not only does Quality Graphics specialize in high-end work, it also specializes in high-end service.

“We put a major emphasis on our customer service. Clients have our home numbers, and they can reach us whenever necessary,” she says. Part of that commitment to customer service is education, reports Yeats. Quality Graphics regularly runs customer education seminars. They also send regular newsletters to their customers, giving concept and design tips, as well as updates on their latest upgrades.

According to Yeats, the once-traditional industry mode of doing business often meant keeping customers ignorant to ensure their dependence on printers. “It was a case of they didn’t know how to do it and you did,” she describes. It’s a tradition Quality Graphics has long since broken.

“We’ve known for a long time that the better educated customers are, the better able they are able to make intelligent decisions. When they can make intelligent decisions, we can do a better job for them,” she notes.

A major part of Quality Graphics’ desire to provide excellent customer service is being able to provide customers with cutting-edge technology that meet their needs.

Full-service Shop

Quality Graphics offers its customers a complete digital prepress department, which includes an Agfa Galileo digital platesetter, a PGI Polaproof Prediction digital color proofing system and a PGI Polaproof 2230 Gold digital color proofing system; a complete finishing department; as well as two six-color, 28×40˝ Mitsubishi sheetfed presses, a two-color, 14×20˝ Hamada C252E-SF and a two-color, 10×15˝ Hamada 550 CDA press.

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