QuadTech Settles Lawsuit with Print2Finish, Cases Against Q.I. Press Controls Continue

SUSSEX, WI—Sept. 11, 2012—QuadTech Inc. and Print2Finish announced they have reached an out-of-court amicable settlement of the claims and counter-claims pending between them in the case of Quad/Tech, Inc. vs. Q.I. Press Controls, B.V., et. al., (E.D. Pa. 09-cv-2561). The terms of the settlement are confidential.

QuadTech continues its litigation against Q. I. Press Controls (QIPC) over the mRC and IDS products. QuadTech has taken the position that the mRC system either infringes the ‘577 patent when used in markless registration mode, or that QIPC has been misleading the market by claiming it has a markless registration system. The company has decided it will now focus on the latter.

Karl Fritchen, president of QuadTech, commented, “In this court case, we have learned that QIPC has not sold a single markless register control system anywhere in the world. As a result, to expedite the litigation, we have informed the court that we will not pursue our patent infringement claim against the mRC product, but intend to continue with our deceptive advertising claim because QIPC has been unable or unwilling to show that it ever had any commercially viable markless registration control system.”

QuadTech also has separate pending patent infringement actions against QIPC’s color control product, the Intelligent Density Control system or IDS. The infringed patents relate to positioning the camera over an area of interest and a method for generating a profile of a printing press. QuadTech continues to pursue these claims against QIPC and its IDS product.

About QuadTech
QuadTech Inc. is a worldwide leader and innovator of performance proven press control technology. Founded in 1979, QuadTech sells its automated auxiliary control systems in more than 100 countries to the web offset newspaper and commercial markets, packaging and converting markets, and publication gravure market.

Source: QuadTech.

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