Quad Wins Racking System Lawsuit

SUSSEX, WI—Quad/Graphics and its insurance company have been awarded $63 million in a lawsuit stemming from the 2002 collapse of Quad’s racking system that started a fire, killing one person.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, it took a jury less than three hours to place the onus on the manufacturers of the automated shelving system, which ultimately led to the destruction of a building at Quad’s Lomira, WI, plant and the death of a contract worker. The companies found responsible were HK Systems (51 percent responsible), Rack Structures (39 percent) and Leavitt Tube (10 percent). HK Systems designed the system and Rack Structures built the shelves, while Leavitt made floor-to-ceiling tubing.

According to the paper, some of the companies or their insurers have already paid damages, and other defendants settled with Quad prior to the trial.

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