Quad to Strengthen Canadian Platform with $23M Investment, Plant Consolidation

SUSSEX, WI—Oct. 6, 2010—Quad/Graphics, Inc. announced plans for investing in and restructuring its Canadian operations to create a more efficient, flexible manufacturing platform that delivers enhanced value to customers. The company intends to make an initial $23 million investment in its infrastructure and manufacturing platform within the next year, close the St.-Jean-sur-Richelieu printing plant in Quebec, and refocus the Edmonton, Alberta plant operations on serving retail insert and directory clients exclusively.

“We are committed to Canada and are structuring our operations to deliver the best quality on the most efficient and flexible manufacturing platform coast to coast and nearest to our customers’ end users,” said Joel Quadracci, Quad/Graphics Chairman, President & CEO. “This strategic investment will improve our platform and is a big step toward strengthening our position in Canada.”

$23 Million Investment
The company’s planned multimillion-dollar investment in its Canadian manufacturing platform will be focused on upgrading equipment to further advance quality and turnaround times, as well as infrastructure improvements. The company also plans to invest in its people, providing enhanced training and education for continuous improvement.

In addition, Quad/Graphics is bolstering its cross-media marketing services to help Canadian retailers, publishers and other advertisers extend a consistent brand message across multiple print communication channels, and integrate those channels with other forms of media, such as the Internet, mobile technologies and digital tablets like the iPad. The printer’s comprehensive services for the Canadian marketplace range from design concept to layout and photography, workflow tools for automating page production, extensive versioning capabilities to give advertisers the ability to precisely target messages, and creative outputs, including large-format signs and in-store / point-of-purchase (POP) materials in addition to flyers, inserts, magazines, catalogs, direct mail, books and directories.

“We are excited by how quickly the company has committed to investing in the Canadian platform, which is characterized by plants strategically located across the entire nation,” said Philippe Cloutier, President of Quad/Graphics in Canada. “We are strengthening our capabilities today to better serve retailers and publishers for years to come.”

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