Quad/Graphics Promised $46 Million in Assistance to Create Up to 1,300 New Jobs

SUSSEX, WI—Oct. 28, 2010—Governor Jim Doyle today announced $46 million in assistance for Quad/Graphics to consolidate and expand their operations and create up to 1,300 new jobs and retain 5,500 existing jobs in Wisconsin. The company is looking to fill 420 full-time and part-time jobs immediately. The governor made the announcement with Quad/Graphics Chairman, President and CEO Joel Quadracci at the company’s headquarters in Sussex.

“I am pleased to announce the state will provide $46 million in Enterprise Zone tax credits to support the expansion of Quad/Graphics and the creation of 1,300 jobs in southeastern Wisconsin,” Governor Doyle said. “Quad/Graphics, like many Wisconsin companies, has humble beginnings. Harry Quadracci had to take out a $35,000 second mortgage on his home nearly 40 years ago to start what is today the second largest printer in the Western Hemisphere. I am pleased to provide these new tax credits to help Quad/Graphics create jobs in Wisconsin. And beyond the jobs created at Quad, the state’s assistance package, and Quad’s investment will create new business opportunities and jobs at suppliers throughout the region.”

“We are pleased to be bringing jobs to Wisconsin and building on the strong foundation we already have in place,” Joel Quadracci, Chairman, President & CEO of Quad/Graphics said. “With our recent acquisition of Worldcolor, we are moving quickly to consolidate plants to create the most modern and efficient manufacturing platform. To that end, we are moving client work into our most efficient facilities. While we have many options on where we can place the work, a key factor for Wisconsin receiving the most significant portion is Governor Doyle’s commitment to helping us retain and grow jobs.”

The company is restarting equipment that had been shut down in 2009 in response to the worldwide economic downturn. In addition, it is making investments in new equipment and technology to fortify its capabilities.

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  • http://laurelaltman laurel altman

    If they were real jobs Quad/Graphics wouldn’t need millions of TAXPAYER dollars (otherwise known as “assistance). It’s shameful of them to take it and shameful of the government to provide it.

    Hopefully Governor Doyle is up for re-election and will get a message this Tuesday.

  • http://laurelaltman laurel altman

    OK, so NOW they’ve been designated as an empowerment zone??? And in January they spent 1.3 BILLION DOLLARS to acquire World Color?????

    Quad/Graphics, a U.S. commercial printing company, announced Tuesday that it plans to acquire Canadian rival World Color Press.

    Reuters reports the transaction is expected to be worth between $1.3 and $1.4 billion.

    Quad/Graphics notes on its Website that it is a “company with a soul” and “dares to think differently.” Its tagline is “innovation people driving print.”

    Quad/Graphics says that it uses industry-leading distribution means to “make print more immediate, more targeted and more relevant to the recipient than ever before.”

    Shareholders of World Color Press will get 40 percent of the combined company, Wall Street Journal reports.

    Incorporated on July 13, 1971, Quad Graphics has a long history of growth and innovation in the print field, and it is a recognized industry leader.

  • http://mikeiraci mike iraci

    It just seems typical that the large and powerful get larger and more powerful by the help of the government. What about the other printing companies in Wisconsin that are trying to survive. Quad is cutting out suppliers that normally did business with World Color before they where bought. What about the families of these people that may soon if not already be out of a job? Thanks Doyle for using our tax dollars to put my job in jeopardy.

  • http://Patricia Patricia

    Well, they call it “creating” jobs. Here in Tennessee where they CLOSED their plant and put nearly 1,000 people out of work, we call it destroying lives.

  • http://ClydeStory Clyde Story

    You people in WI. are as stupid as the people in CA. $46M to “quote” create 1300 jobs! That’s over $35,300.00 per job! And some of them are part time! I’m sure some of those people would be thrilled to make $35K + per year! This is done so that Quad can consolidate and expand? Make up your mind, you can’t do both at the same time, even with government money! Gov. you and your people have been hosed! But I guess you have to find fast ways to waste the taxpayers money. It is GOVERNMENTS way!