Quad Inks $135M Contract with Fingerhut Parent

SUSSEX, WI—Quad/Graphics Inc. has signed a multiyear agreement with Minneapolis-based Bluestem Brands, a multichannel retailer best known for its growing Fingerhut and Gettington.com properties. The agreement, which will exceed $135 million over the contract term, covers all printing, paper procurement, premedia and page layout and production services, as well as all product photography and video content creation services.

In addition, Bluestem Brands will benefit from system integration and efficiencies through the use of Quad/Graphics’ proprietary Catalog Studio content management and workflow solution.

“This new agreement expands our service footprint with this major multi-brand retailer and represents an end-to-end solution,” said Joel Quadracci, Quad/Graphics chairman, president and CEO. “Under the agreement, Quad will implement a new onsite facilities management arrangement where our employees will work directly with Bluestem’s merchandisers and creative team on page layout and production.”

To support Bluestem’s photography and video content creation needs, Quad/Graphics will relocate its existing studio and premedia production center to a larger facility in the Minneapolis area.

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