Quad/Graphics Keeps Streak Alive

SUSSEX, WI—It’s safe to say that Newsweek is consistently satisfied with the performance of one particular printing vendor.

That printer, Quad/Graphics, garnered “Printer of the Year” honors from Newsweek for the 19th consecutive year. Quad’s plant in Hartford, WI, held off four other printing plants for the award.

“We have nothing but kudos to say about Quad/Graphics’ Hartford plant,” states John Nallen, Newsweek director of manufacturing. “Quad/Graphics delivers consistent, on-time performance every week of the year. We make tough demands on our printers, and Quad continues to produce at the highest level of consistency and quality.”

Newsweek judges its printers on seven criteria: quality, paper waste on covers, paper waste on current forms, turnaround time from the last file to the first book, time needed to produce the first 100,000 books, bindery books per hour, and service and support.

Quad/Graphics began printing for Newsweek in 1977.

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