Quad Rolls Out Branded iPad Applications

SUSSEX, WI—Magazines, catalogs and retail advertising can now be published for the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch from the Quad/Graphics Digital Edition platform. The solution gives Quad/Graphics’ clients the ability to distribute content by print and mail, digital edition and branded Apple apps.

Quad/Graphics provides publishers and catalogers with a client-branded iPad application, developed by ePublishing partner YUDU Media. These apps are made available online at the Apple store, where the printer’s clients can offer them for free or set their own sale price.

Just like its current Flash-based digital edition electronic publishing offering, formatting a digital magazine or catalog is an extension of Quad/Graphics’ premedia services, which optimize application files or PDFs for multi-media output. The company’s technicians convert and reformat content supplied by magazine publishers and marketers to publish to the app, resulting in page-layout views with rich media as well as a customizable text version capability.

In other company news, Quad has been cleared to apply to list its class A common stock on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The listing will become effective shortly following the completion of Quad’s acquisition of Worldcolor. Barring any roadblocks during final approval, the deal is slated to be completed on July 2, with shares trading on July 6.

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