Quad/Graphics Expansion Bolsters Digital Photography Studios

PEWAUKEE, WI—Quad/ Graphics is undergoing its largest premedia capital expansion to date, investing nearly $1.5 million in technology alone for four new digital photography studios and a new digital imaging center. The expansion encompasses:

* Dallas: A new photography studio will complement an all-new remote imaging center.

* Los Angeles: A new studio will complete a pre-existing, recently expanded remote imaging center.

* Minneapolis: A new studio will complement a pre-existing remote imaging center that is relocating to a more spacious building.

* Saratoga Springs, NY: A new studio rounds out a pre-existing, plant-side imaging center.

Operations at each of the sites is slated to begin by February 2001.

The expansion will give the company seven digital photography studios. Quad/Graphics operates studios within its Sussex, WI, printing plant; its Boston remote imaging center; and in New York City’s SoHo district.

Dallas will become the sixth major city in the Quad/Graphics remote imaging center network, complementing two existing centers in New York City and one center each in Boston, Los Angeles and Minneapolis. Its many offset and gravure printing plants worldwide also are supported by numerous plant-side centers in the United States, Europe and South America that offer solutions and a range of end-to-end services for digital photography, digital imaging and content management.

“The addition of four new photo studios provides a larger digital photography network with locations most convenient for clients, close to their homes,” says Tom Frankowski, vice president of imaging for Quad/Graphics. “Similarly, our client-focused imaging centers are very successful in providing superior customer service, and now we’ll be able to extend our deep customer reach to Dallas and the greater Southwest.”

Quad/Graphics’ network of interconnected premedia centers facilitates increased scheduling flexibility and expedited print production and delivery of finished product to market. Each center is linked seamlessly to each other and to all of the company’s sizable printing plants via high-speed telecommunications systems, enabling immediate file transfers and other exchanges.

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