Quad/Graphics Debuts New Oklahoma City Operation

“We want to be ready when the economy turns around. As Will Rogers once said, ‘Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.’ We intend to be ready.”

Quadracci also announced that Quad/Graphics will install a variety of equipment next year for fall 2004 production, including:

* Two 108˝ Cerutti gravure presses, fully automated from cylinder loading through signature delivery and equipped with Quad/Tech computerized process controls.

* Two fully automated Hell Helioklischograph K6 gravure cylinder engravers, which are so technologically advanced, they can practically run unattended in the dark, according to Quadracci. The engravers reportedly will be the first of their kind to be put into live production in the world.

* An eight-unit, gapless MAN Roland ROTOMAN 2×6 press, bringing the plant’s total number of web offset presses to three.

* Three saddle stitchers, bringing the facility’s total number of stitchers to six.

As part of the plant dedication, Quadracci announced that the main entrance would be named “Admiral’s Way” in honor of the late Harry V. Quadracci.

” ‘Admiral’ was the name by which many employees knew Harry, so we thought it appropriate to remember him always,” Quadracci says of his late brother. “And while Harry isn’t physically here with us today to celebrate, I know he is present here on some level.”

Following a ribbon cutting outside the plant, guests were invited inside to celebrate the installation of the company’s first pieces of equipment. Quadracci and Angelo Rivello, senior vice president of manufacturing and worldwide distribution for Newsweek, led the startup of the plant’s first MAN Roland ROTOMAN 2×6 press, which was running advance forms of Newsweek’s November 10 issue.

“In the 1970s, Newsweek took a chance on a fledgling printer, giving us the traction we needed to become what we are today,” Quadracci notes. “We are proud to be Newsweek’s largest printer and its best, having earned Newsweek’s coveted ‘Printer of the Year’ award for the past 18 consecutive years.”

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