Quad/Graphics Becomes First Major Commercial Printer to Achieve LEED Certification

Existing buildings, like Quad/Graphics’ manufacturing plants, must score at least 32 points out of a possible 85 to achieve the most basic level of certification. Quad/Graphics’ Sussex plant received 45 points, qualifying it for a Silver rating – just three points shy of a Gold rating.

The company was able to meet many of the USGBC’s rigorous criteria going into the certification process due to many long-established programs and practices. Highlights include:

• A comprehensive recycling program. Quad/Graphics’ Sussex manufacturing facility recycles 99.0 percent of its solid waste, including paper, fluorescent lamps, batteries, metal, plastic, wood and concrete.

• A progressive approach to site development and grounds maintenance. Quad/Graphics’ manufacturing plant grounds have been designed to minimize storm water runoff leaving the property and reduce the need for fertilizers that contaminate the groundwater.

• Installation of high-efficiency fluorescent lighting. Quad/Graphics uses bulbs that burn 50 percent brighter while consuming 52 percent less energy.

• Proactive water conservation. Quad/Graphics uses non-potable water for irrigation and has also installed low-flow water fixtures within its plants to reduce the amount of water it consumes.

• The creation of the Quad Building Management Network, an enterprise-wide computerized system for monitoring, recording and, in some cases, controlling in real time heating, ventilating and air conditioning; electrical and natural gas consumption and demand; process boilers, chillers, air compressors and vacuum systems; indoor air quality; and life safety systems.

“Quad/Graphics has long maintained a vested interest in minimizing our environmental impact for the benefit of our employees and clients, whether that’s been conserving energy and raw materials or reducing waste and controlling emissions,” Mr. Quadracci said. “We believe that doing what’s good for the environment is also good for business, and certification for our Sussex plant just confirms through an independent third party that the practices and processes we’ve been following for years are as sustainable as possible.”

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