Quad/Graphics Announces Closure of Dubuque Plant

Two-hundred fifteen employees who work for Quad/Graphics in Dubuque (IA) will now have to seek employment elsewhere. Devastating news to those who work at the printing plant and for those who have been fighting to keep the company from leaving.

Quad/Graphics announced Wednesday that it is closing the Dubuque plant and permanently laying off all its employees by early March.

Claire Ho, a spokes woman for Wisconsin based Quad/Graphics tells us , “This was a straightforward business decision based on the softness of the economy and changes in the book industry.”

The plant has changed hands several times since it first came to Dubuque in 1949…

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Source: KCRG TV.

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  • Paul Gardner

    Sympathies to all those affected by this sad event – employees and families and beyond.

    This seems to me perhaps another indication that the traditional Print INDUSTRY is dissolving…

    In this slow dissolution, the Print Factory is quietly being replaced by the print workshop – a smaller enterprise run by innovative, independent printers, or the guy in his garage, the gal in her basement, the part-time employee in the back room, or the amazing new device that’s sitting proudly on an someone’s desktop.

    Don’t get me wrong, PRINT IS ALIVE! Smaller, more innovative centers of printing are sprouting up every day. And cool stuff is happening everywhere in print. It’s the best time ever to be a printer!

    But the big-box printing factory, with the capacity to print a trainload of paper in a single shift is disappearing.

    Perhaps no way to save it….

    This is the time to Print Disruptively – or find something else to do with your life.