Quad Dedicates Statue

Taylor chose to paint the welded aluminum sculpture “rusty orange” to provide a dramatic, yet complementary, contrast to its backdrop (the plant).

In his remarks, Tom Quadracci said that the sculpture completes the architect’s original plans for the Sussex High Touch Centre. “When the architects designed our corporate headquarters, they envisioned something important be placed at the center of this circular drive,” he says. “The structure was never completed because Harry couldn’t figure out the perfect piece. Following Harry’s death, it became obvious that this very special place should be dedicated to Harry’s memory and the founding of Quad/Graphics.”

Betty Quadracci, Harry’s spouse of 39 years and a co-founder of the company, joined Tom Quadracci in unveiling the sculpture to the 500-plus employees in attendance. “It’s been a year and I’m still trying to find my voice, still trying to find a way to talk about Harry, and I haven’t found it yet,” she said. “But all of your prayers, notes and calls have meant so much. I will never, ever, forget your kindness, nor will my family. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done.”

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