Quad Consolidating Polish Operations

WYSZKOW, POLAND—QuadWinkowski, the Poland-based printing enterprise owned by Quad/Graphics, announced the consolidation of its operations into a single, large-scale production facility. By consolidating its Pila production operations into its 721,000-square-foot Wyszkow plant, the company will drive increased operational efficiencies while giving its magazine and catalog clientele an expanded range of capabilities from a single location.

The company will move the majority of the Pila plant’s high-speed web offset presses and binding equipment to Wyszkow. The presses’ cutoff sizes complement the capabilities already installed at the Wyszkow plant, adding to the facility’s manufacturing flexibility, Quad reports. Redundant, underutilized capacity will be shut down.

QuadWinkowski will begin equipment relocations in July and will complete all moves by the end of the year. At that time, the Pila facility will be permanently closed. The company will time the equipment moves so that it can meet all client commitments without service interruptions.

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