Valpak Launches QR Code Campaign

LARGO, FL—Valpak Direct Marketing Systems, which specializes in local print and digital coupons, has launched a major initiative using Quick Response (QR) codes. Over the course of two months, Valpak is mailing to more than 80 million households with QR codes on the outside of the envelope and on individual inserts.

“This huge initiative is a great example of the power of print and digital working together,” says Michael Vivio, president of Cox Target Media. “It represents print to digital extension of our core platform, and harnesses the best of both worlds to create an entirely new experience for users.”

This is the first national QR campaign for Valpak, providing consumers a new way to engage with The Blue Envelope. In addition to using QR codes, Valpak also uses Augmented Reality (AR), digital coupons, SMS texting, and smart phone apps for iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Palm Pre, Blackberry and Microsoft Windows Phone 7 platforms, to bring its offers to millions of consumers.

Working with the cable industry, Valpak is promoting two television campaigns during July and August. The QR code provides additional consumer engagement, allowing them to enter sweepstakes and access more info about some of their favorite shows.