Quad Unveils Interactive Print Solutions

SUSSEX, WI—Quad/Graphics Inc. will unveil a number of interactive print solutions at the 2011 DMA Conference and Exhibition being held in Boston Oct. 1-6. Quad, a global provider of print and related multichannel solutions for many of the country’s leading marketers and publishers, will demonstrate solutions that more effectively connect print with new and engaging mobile and related technologies.

“Our goal is to unleash the power of print and tap the full potential of related mobile and other communications to help our customers create successful campaigns more efficiently and effectively,” said Joel Quadracci, Quad/Graphics chairman, president and CEO. “Print is the foundation of many successful multichannel campaigns. Our integrated print solutions help marketers and publishers get to the next level of successful print and new media integration.”

DMA conference attendees will be able to stop by Quad’s booth (#1200) and see demonstrations of popular interactive print solutions in action, including:

• QR Codes—Quick Response codes are exploding in a wide variety of applications. Quad/Graphics will showcase some of the most innovative and creative print applications.

• Image Recognition—Image Recognition for print delivers many of the features and benefits of QR Codes without having to sacrifice the print “real estate” taken by the 2D barcodes.

• Augmented Reality—Augmented Reality takes Image Recognition to the next level with highly interactive and engaging technology, including 3D, video and animation with user actions generating dynamic and unique response.

• Near Field Communication—Adding chip technology to print is a fast-growing opportunity as NFC-enabled devices are launched, and as marketers and publishers discover the features and benefits.

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