Pueblo Chieftain Realizes Unexpected Benefits from manroland Press Upgrade

While the controls upgrade was justified based on having far more reliable and readily available advanced solid-state electronics, the Chieftain is also seeing a number of important benefits that were not fully anticipated. The most significant of these is waste reduction. Sutton said, “The new controls allow us to achieve register at much slower speeds.” This has resulted in an immediate waste reduction of about 1.5 percent.

As his team becomes more proficient at using this capability, Sutton anticipates that this savings will reach 2 percent by the end of the year. “When you spend a couple million dollars on paper every year, that amounts to a considerable repeat savings,” he said.

The reliability of the modern electronics has also proven to be of immediate benefit, allowing the Chieftain staff to much more effectively troubleshoot the press, thereby further minimizing downtime.

A user-friendly touchscreen control was also part of the upgrade and alarm data is substantially more comprehensive. These factors have already made it easier to operate and manage the press and further develop maintenance staff.

Sutton believes that the Pueblo Chieftain is unusual in the extent to which it focuses on maintenance. It is an operating philosophy that has served the company well.

“Several years after installing the manroland press, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly publications, from as far away as Denver began noticing the quality we were producing. These publishers signed on with us because they thought our printing looked like USA Today,” he said “We work really hard at it. That’s why The Pueblo Chieftain is one of the small number of papers in the United States that has SNAP certification. We have had that certification for the past 8 or 9 years.”

(SNAP is a standard promulgated by the Newspaper Association of America . It stands for specifications for newsprint advertising production, and involves printing test forms and sending print samples to a panel of judges.)

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