Publishers and Book Manufacturers Embrace Ricoh’s ’Next Chapter’ in Publishing Technology

• “It was a good mix of topics that spanned the scope of books technology, change, opportunity. The market projections we heard were invaluable.” – Executive from a global provider of multichannel communications, including books

• “One of the best conferences I have ever attended. Very thought provoking. A great opportunity. Points out the commonality of issues facing us all.” – Executive from one of the top ten graphic communications companies in North America

• “The Next Chapter event easily exceeded our expectations. Participation and enthusiasm from all attendees—publishers and book manufacturers alike—were exceptional,” said Rich Lloyd, offset to digital offerings manager, Ricoh. “The way attendees came to the table willing to share information and engage in productive discussions for the overall benefit of the industry was impressive. Everyone involved truly understood the objective of the event: to share and learn in order to address challenges and enhance business opportunities.”

About Ricoh Production Print Solutions

Ricoh Print Production Solutions (Ricoh), a Ricoh Company, Ltd. operating company, focuses on delivering highly complex, data-driven hardware, software, solutions and services to production print environments.

About Ricoh
Ricoh Co. specializes in technology and services that transform high-volume, document-intensive business processes into more efficient ones. This is achieved through Ricoh’s expertise in Managed Document Services, Production Printing, Office Solutions and IT Services. By working with Ricoh, businesses can streamline the way they work, become more efficient and profitable, and share knowledge more effectively within their organizations. Ricoh’s worldwide operation covers more than 200 countries and areas in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, China and Japan.

Source: Ricoh.

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