Publisher and Printer Make a Man’s Christmas Wish Come True

In a blog post titled “Random Acts of Kindness & Technology Make Simple Wish Come True,” Xerox shares how Color House Graphics and Freeze Frame Publishing recently made Anthony Torrone’s deepest wish come true.

According to an article published last year by The Grand Rapids Press, Torrone “thinks differently than most people due to a flu-like childhood illness that damaged his brain.” The reporter noted that Anthony’s Christmas wish was to have is daily journal—a book of prayers—published.

The Xerox blog post details (video included) how an iGen4 digital press was just used to do a third run (300 copies) of Torrone’s book. The author has detailed the process in a series of posts on his own blog, which also includes a link to purchase the book.

Thank you to Xerox for sharing print’s answer to “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

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