Meredith Introduces Magazine Advertising Performance Guarantee

In order for advertisers to participate in The Meredith Engagement Dividend utilizing Nielsen analytics, marketers must commit to a minimum level of advertising impressions over a 12-month period across several Meredith titles. The commitment is based on category, with minimum thresholds for frequency and can only be applied for marketers with national advertising schedules. Porter notes that, “Meredith will work with a limited number of partners this year as we bring the product to market.”

About the Research

The Meredith Engagement Dividend, powered by Nielsen analytics, was developed by Meredith Research Solutions in conjunction with Nielsen using data from Nielsen’s Homescan panel performance combined with an overlay of Meredith subscribers compared to a control group of Nielsen Homescan users. The purchase behavior, geography and demographics between the test and control groups were identical and the only difference between the test and control groups was exposure to Meredith magazines. The period measured covered a timeframe of 52 weeks during 2009 and 2010. Advertisers measured were across multiple categories with minimum frequency and national advertising schedules across multiple Meredith brands.

About Meredith
Meredith Corp. is the leading media and marketing company serving American women and. Meredith features multiple well-known national brands—including Better Homes and Gardens, Parents, Family Circle, Ladies’ Home Journal, Fitness, More and American Baby—along with local television brands in fast-growing markets. Meredith is the industry leader in creating content in key consumer interest areas such as home, family, health and wellness and self-development. Meredith uses multiple distribution platforms—including print, television, online, mobile, Tablets, and video—to give consumers content they desire and to deliver the messages of its marketing partners.

Additionally, Meredith uses its many assets to create powerful custom marketing solutions for many of the nation’s top brands and companies. According to the Advertising Industry Reports (AIR) survey of over 1,500 agency and marketing professionals, Meredith is the nation’s “Highest Rated Media Company.” Meredith has significantly added to its marketing solution capabilities in recent years through the acquisition of cutting-edge companies in areas such as digital, mobile, word-of-mouth, social and database marketing.

Source: Meredith.