Proven Direct Teams with Third Wave, Launches A4 Intelligent Marketing

MILWAUKEE—April 1, 2010—Proven Direct is pleased to announce that it is teaming up with Third Wave Research to launch A4 Intelligent Marketing. This new offering combines the power of Third Wave Research’s data analytics and analysis with Proven Direct’s ability to generate custom, one-to-one direct marketing communications both in print and on the web.

A4 is derived by applying the critical four A’s of intelligent direct marketing.

• This begins by Analyzing customer behavior through a rigorous analysis of transaction data; the foundation for intelligent direct marketing efforts.

• This foundation provides for the ability to Adjust the communication content to be relevant to the individual and optimally timed.

• A4 Intelligent Marketing then builds “triggered” communications that reach the right customer at the right time with the right message by Automating the deployment process.

• The net result is to Accelerate client growth through higher revenues, improved return on investment and greater customer lifetime value.

About Proven Direct
Proven Direct is a leader in direct marketing services; integrating database, digital print, and cross-media technologies with industry best practices to develop dynamic, customized campaigns that help clients achieve their marketing objectives. In addition, Proven Direct is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of wholesale photo books, greeting cards, calendars and posters. Since 2005, Proven Direct has been supplying press-printed products to many of the country’s largest online and brick & mortar consumer and professional photo retailers.

About Third Wave Research
Third Wave Research is a leader in Customer Analytics. Customer Analytics is the art and science of capturing data from business transactions then transforming it into a comprehensive compass for guiding and driving your key business decisions. We develop actionable customer segments, rationalize trade areas, create trigger campaigns, recognize and execute up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and monitor retention/acquisition rates…(to name only a few). We also measure your ROI at every turn—mining each successive round of data to inform the next campaign, measuring the results of that campaign and apply it to the next, creating a perpetual loop of ongoing insights and highly targeted action. Third Wave is a spin-off of the University of Wisconsin Madison and has been providing intelligent solutions to brands small and large for 15 years.

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