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A BIG shout goes out to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for splashing a nice, big feature on Wisconsin printers on the front page of its Sunday business section on December 2.

In a story titled “Just call us Print U.S.A.,” writer Joel Dresang interviewed me and a number of printers who were included in the PI article that ran in our October issue, and gave nice play to the state’s unofficial/official dubbing by our magazine as the printing capital of the United States. Deba Horn-Prochno of Ripon Printers gave me a heads up on the nice center package by the paper.

I’d talked to Dresang previously for other print-related articles. His newspaper is a good friend to the printing industry in Wisconsin; it easily leads the country with the best coverage of printing-related articles. Our printing news feeds regularly include story posts from the JS, and it’s often thoughtful, well-researched edit copy.

Not to hum a worn-out tune, but I’ve always been a proponent of printers supporting not only national trade magazines, but your local newspapers as well. When you e-mail the trade mags with your announcements, make sure you “cc” the local paper. The newspaper is still a viable source for local news that can’t be found elsewhere. They really want to print what’s going on with local businesses, and they’re in a tight spot revenue-wise because of competing technologies.

Having been one myself, I have a soft spot for newspaper reporters and their publications. And for 50 cents or less per day, that’s a darn good bargain for the depth of product. Protecting and preserving printed communications is in all of our best interests.

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS: This time of the year is extremely slow news-wise, so we’ll take time out to issue a few New Year’s Resolutions for 2008. Don’t forget to set your own personal goals. Just in case you do, feel free to borrow some of mine. Here’s a random sampling of “I Resolve…”:

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