Protecting Those Who Promote You —Cagle

• In 2008, I resolve to become a better on-site reporter. Graph Expo, for example, can be a tough gig, and 8 a.m. symposiums on the future of paper can cause the old eyelids to flutter heavily. Sometimes I’ll walk out of such a meeting with just the following scribbled down, “Paper: Good or Bad?” What does that mean? Gotta bear down in the future.

• In 2008, I resolve to become less tolerant. Sorry, I know it sounds impertinent, but sometimes we are assigned to press conferences that have little or no point for existing. The whole point of a “news conference” is to pass along news, no matter how trite/insignificant. Starting this year, when it becomes apparent that a press conference is lacking in substance, I will stand up in the middle of Company A’s mission statement recitation and begin singing Neil Diamond songs with great gusto. Maybe I can get industry consultants Bill Lamparter and Dennis Mason to provide background vocals.

“Turn on your heartlight…let it shine wherever you go.”

Look, I know you guys want to make an appearance at the major shows, but if you don’t have anything new in the pipeline, that’s fine. Take a page from 4Over’s book. Last year, 4Over featured gaming tables at its Graph Expo booth. It didn’t have squat to do with printing, but the trade printer made some friends and got its name out there for potential customers. That will be remembered far longer than a hollow press conference.

• In 2008, I resolve to deliver the best and most outrageous news stories to you via PI Weekly, which returns to Friday deliveries this year. Hirings, firings, plant closures, M&As and layoffs are par for the course, but I also have a soft spot for counterfeiters and people who run afoul of the law. If a story touches your world, you’ll be sure to find it in PI Weekly and in the printed magazine’s news section.

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