Women in Printing — It’s a Man’s World (Not!)

Rose Mary Bundscho

Tonya Kowa-Morelli

Tina Tromiczak

Karen DeMaio

Eileen Rogers

Jeanne Lampe

Adrienne Myers

Nicole Colon

IT’S A MAN’S world. Or is it?

For some women, infiltrating the “Good Ol’ Boys Club” long associated with printing has been extremely challenging. For others, gender hasn’t been that much of a factor when breaking into (and rising up in) this traditionally male-dominated business.

However, like most businesswomen (no matter what the field), being female in a corporate world of suits and ties often requires women to be intuitive, intelligent and wise.

Not so long ago, many women in printing were either part of a family owned business or were wives of print shop owners. Today, there are many independent women who start and run their own companies, or who have ascended the leadership (and ownership) ladder of their family’s firms—and are achieving great success on their own.

Below is a small sampling of these amazing ladies. May they stand up and take a bow!

Berlin Industries
Carol Stream, IL

Tina Tromiczak didn’t grow up dreaming of landing a high-powered career in printing. In fact, she happened upon it.

In 1983, she joined RR Donnelley in the human resources department at one of its largest manufacturing facilities. She didn’t know much about HR, and she knew little to nothing about printing; she just answered a help-wanted ad in the newspaper.

By 1989, a career in printing had found Tromiczak, not the other way around. She moved from HR to a management position in manufacturing at Donnelley and came face-to-face with her destiny.

In her 21-year stint at RR Donnelley, Tromiczak held the positions of HR manager; bindery manager; pressroom manager; international HR director; vice president of operations for central region Financial; vice president of strategy, Financial Business Unit; and senior vice president of operations, Donnelley Financial Print Business. Tromiczak was the first female to serve in the last three positions mentioned above.

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    I would love to speak about women in the Printing Industry, as a young professional the challenges we face are so much larger than what a man faces in this industry. – Kelly