Haig’s Quality Printing — Betting on Color

Haig Atamian is committed to providing clients superior reproduction techniques.

“I have worked very hard to get the right ink because the stochastic process requires a lot of discipline—doing the same thing over and over again every day. And I want to make sure the ink colors don’t shift,” Atamian notes. “Hexachrome uses a completely different color gamut. It incorporates four-color process inks plus orange and green, and the process colors are a different formula.”

Haig’s had been using a well-known ink that it thought could do the job until it started disintegrating. “The quality level started dissipating to where we were having a lot of problems with it. There were other inks that would print very well, but would not give us the mileage,” he adds. “So, after trying many things, we chose Van Son inks. Now, we put a job on the press and, with a couple of pulls, we match the proof.”

A salesperson working with Van Son’s local ink partner, Kramer Ink, brought in a set of inks and showed Atamian how they work. “It was very exciting,” he recalls. “To get more color, most press operators pump up more ink but, with Van Son, we can control the color with water, so the image gets better and sharper. ”

Kramer Ink is part of the Van Son Ink Council, a group comprised of printing ink manufacturers strategically positioned across the U.S. and Canada that distribute Van Son’s Vs Series inks and provide local support to commercial printers using the inks. Kramer Ink supports six branches throughout the West Coast, including the branch that works with Haig’s in Las Vegas.

“We like the color gamut of Van Son’s inks, as well as the strength of the pigments. In my experience, if you don’t use the right ink, the printing might look really good in the color booth and on the press, but then it will look weak the next day in the sunlight,” Atamian points out.

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