Product Details for the 2010 InterTech Award Winners Released

PITTSBURGH—August 04, 2010—Detailed information has been released about the six technologies recently selected to receive a 2010 InterTech Technology Award from Printing Industries of America.

An independent panel of judges deliberated over technology nominations which ranged from software solutions to press consumables and printing systems. Great strides in technology were demonstrated in inkjet, Web-to-print, plate processing, and flexographic and offset print quality.

Technologies were selected for a variety of reasons, but the judges felt they all are truly innovative and expect them to have a major impact on the graphic communications industry. What follows is a description of the technology and its significance to the field (listed alphabetically by company, with the technology named first).

Fujifilm ZAC Automated Controller Technology Module
Fujifilm North America, Graphic Systems Division

Fujifilm’s ZAC software technology offers high levels of control over plate processing. On a continual basis, the ZAC references an algorithm to determine if the processed area per elapsed period of time requires a replenishment cycle. If replenishment is required, the ZAC adds only the proper amount of replenishment that corresponds to the processor activity to keep the system in control. Judges liked how this process focuses on adaptive feedback in the processing of plates, resulting in more consistent plates. It also offers a large return on investment thanks to the money saved on chemicals. Since it reduces chemical waste, it also gives printers an opportunity to highlight their environmental efforts while requiring no change in workflow.

Hiflex Webshop Web2Print System

Hiflex Corp. of North America

HIFLEX Webshop Web2Print System utilizes the power of the open source Drupal content management system. This use of Drupal removes the restrictions forced on users by proprietary Web2Print systems. Now, rather than having limited ability to add, remove, or restructure storefront elements and functionality, users can build websites as vast and customized as they want. This innovative approach leverages the strength of thousands of independent Drupal applications developed by countless programmers. The HIFLEX software provides users with the tools to completely edit their storefronts, while managing the look and feel of them with Drupal. What won the judges over was the idea of “open source.” “Custom on a dime, without a fleet of programmers,” as one judge put it.

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