Prism Demonstrates Mobile Management Information System for Printers at GRAPH EXPO

“Business intelligence is the lifeblood of a successful company. Print providers expect print management system access to real time, mobile management information via smart phones, Internet browsers, and VPNs to company networks,” explains Filip Buyse, President and CEO of Prism. “mobileMIS allows executives to stay in contact with what is happening in production facilities.”

Building an MIS around the print business.
Prism WIN is so flexible that it allows printers to continue to operate their business the way they prefer, rather than force fitting them into a software developer’s notion of how to run a business. It has many tools and flexible processes to build a system that reflects a printer’s own business.

Once one invests in Prism WIN, the printer never has to think about another MIS again–whether they diversify to magazines, digital, packaging, flexo, commercial offset, or displays. With Prism WIN, diverse product capabilities that drive a diverse set of internal processes no longer create administrative re-work, double entries, and cumbersome accounting practices.

A complete solution from one software developer is rarely the reality. Prism WIN Connect lets complementary technologies, such as web to print solutions and enterprise collaboration tools to work with Prism WIN. For example, printers can send shipping information to delivery service systems and receive shipping data back for costing and tracking. Meanwhile, Prism’s JDF link with production workflows can result in substantial cost and time benefits. By interfacing to Prism WIN, the preproduction workflow becomes an extension of the printer’s supply chain. For example, by defining critical job parameters up front via JDF, the link to the production workflow eliminates redundant data entry by operators that can lead to incorrect content. Information from a job work slip can be pulled, such as the product SKU or barcode, layers, inks and ink coverage, and structural information, among others.

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