Prisco to Show Solutions for Pressroom Environmental Issues at GRAPH EXPO

“Go Green with Prisco” solutions for reducing environmental impact.

NEWARK, NJ—September 25, 2012—While others talk about environmental remedies and workarounds, Prisco’s (Printers’ Service) over 100 years of experience in the pressroom, enables us to deliver solutions that really work. We are pleased to announce that printers can learn about and view several of the components of our “Go Green with Prisco” solutions for reducing their environmental impact at Prisco Booth #201, GRAPH EXPO 2012, October 7-10, 2012, in Chicago.

Reduce Fountain Solution Waste and Improve Quality
PRISCO leads the way, with cost effective FloClear systems for fountain solution recycling. The patented FloClear technology, winner of the PIA/GATF Intertech Award, is the world’s leading process for recycling fountain solutions at quality printing plants across the globe. Fountain solution life is extended and its clarity maintained for months of press operation. The FloClear HS will be on display at our booth. Prisco is proud to offer this world class technology for every pressroom application.

Reduce Water Consumption
Would you like to reduce waste water in your CTP plate production by up to 90 percent? Then take a look at the PriscoTech WaterMizer. This system permits recycling and reuse of plate processor wash water that used to go down the drain. The system has the added benefits of allowing a plate processor to be installed without having to move drain lines and permits the use of “process water” to wash plates, thereby improving plate quality.

Reduce Solvent Purchases

We are pleased to offer the PriscoTech SolvKlene II Solvent Recycling Systems which can be seen at our booth. Several years of use in day-to-day production have confirmed the durability and highly efficient performance of this system. SolvKlene II has allowed users to drastically cut solvent consumption, reduce VOC emissions, waste hauling costs and overall operating costs. All these benefits are achieved while reducing the overall negative impact on the environment.

Lower VOC Levels
To round out our offering for sustainable production, Prisco will be showing our complete range of low- and no-VOC fountain concentrates, low-VOC solvents, ultra-low VOC aqueous coatings, energy-curable coatings and PREPAC products. Integrating these consumables into your production PROCESS ensures that VOCs are reduced while increasing quality and productivity.

Outstanding Products for the Pressroom
You will find a solution for every pressroom need at Prisco’s Booth #201. Information on our complete line of pressroom products will be on display including: aqueous and UV coatings, adhesives, roller and blanket washes, web press fountain solutions and printing blankets.

To see solutions that have been proven to really work in reducing environmental impact, increasing quality and increasing productivity in thousands of pressrooms worldwide, visit Prisco in Booth #201, GRAPH EXPO 2012, South Hall, October 7-10, 2012.

About Prisco
Prisco (Printers’ Service) is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of offset pressroom chemistry, blankets, supply items and quality control equipment. Headquartered in Newark, NJ, customers have been able to count on quality products and superior support services from Printers’ Service for over 100 years. Prisco product lines include environmentally-friendly fountain solutions, solvents, coatings, cleaners and lubricants. Our PriscoDigital division offers world-class industrial inkjet systems from technology leaders to commercial printers in the United States. PriscoTech equipment systems include water management, chemical blending, chemical recycling and waste reduction systems. Printers’ Service has eleven locations in the United States, Canada and Europe to serve the industry.

Source: Prisco.

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