PrintNinja Declares War on Digital Publishing Formats

[Editor’s note: The following press release was published as part of Printing Impressions’ ongoing efforts to provide market intelligence to our target audience, and should not be seen as promoting or endorsing any of the claims made.]

COLUMBIA, MI—Nov. 30, 2011—Affordable booklet and catalog printing is leveling the playing field when choosing between traditional and digital publishing methods. Digital publishing and distribution has become increasingly popular because of its affordable price point; however,’s solution of printing in China and shipping to the United States gives businesses a choice for cheap catalog printing. This alternative is a relief for times when ePublishing doesn’t fill the need.

Some of the benefits of traditional printing over digital distribution include:

• Control over design
Digital publishing is tricky because there are no one-size-fits-all solutions that allow you to remain in control of your design. Additionally they can require you to format your publication for different screen sizes and eReader, costing extra time and money. With traditional printing you simply design it once and print.

• Reaching local audiences
Printed materials have a way of reaching local audiences that electronic files struggle with. The ability to hand a catalog or folder to a client or customer allows you to ensure that they’ve received it. With digital publications, businesses with foot traffic require printed flyers or cards with URLs leading their consumers to the right place.

• Distinguishing between areas or audiences
Digital publications make it harder to get the right information to geographic areas. For example, a chain of businesses that wants to run separate promotions at different locations can distribute different printed catalogs to its customers at the right site.

• Controlled distribution
One of the major drawbacks of electronic publishing is having to protect files from redistribution. If you’re selling your publication or want a limited number of copies available, traditional publishing offers less risk of your product being illegally mass distributed.

“Many of our clients prefer printing or choose a combination of printing and ePublishing their catalogs,” explained PrintNinja CEO, Russell Potterfield, who spent the past decade building relationships with Chinese printers and now offers everyday businesses and individuals access to those connections without sacrificing quality or service. “Both electronic publishing and printing have their place. We understand the value that a tangible product holds and it’s not something that will be going out of style anytime soon.”

About is a U.S. online printing company based out of Columbia, MI. It specializes in offering wicked-low prices on printed goods from China while ensuring traditional American standards on quality and service.


  • Patriot

    Modern day carpetbagger:
    One day your job too will be sent overseas, then what?
    When are all you short sided people going to wake up and see we traded our country for money long ago spent?
    I know, blame someone else… Like the president for no jobs in this country.
    Greedy people like PrintNija created this mess, not politicians.
    Sellout your neighbor so you can make more… Someday you just might be asking one for a handout.
    It’s corporate treason.

  • Unemployed at 55

    It bothers me to see everything sent out to China. I was in the printing industry for 25 years and have been unemployeed for 2 years and still can’t find a job in what’s left of the industry. Friends that had print and sign shops are out of business. They can’t compete with Chinese or other foreign prices.

  • otempora

    Lots of whining here. Where was it 30 years ago when you were buying Motorola TVs made in Japan (I fixed them)? Cars made in Germany (my Bug, built better and cheaper)? Beer made in England (tastes better, more filling)? What "things" to you want to ban, and what are you willing to buy on the cheap? The former: some industry you are in or have the political power to tariff — steel? The latter: something that you don’t make, but would like to have: 99% of everything else. Or when’s the last time you avoided WalMart?

  • EdSr.

    Thirty years a bindery operator. Ten years watching the trade become a vast wasteland. My son just came back from a tour in Korea. Asked if I might get him some work at the printing company I work for while he’s in school. I would have laughed but cried instead. Should have made a shorter trip kid if you were looking for a job in commercial printing- like China. "Wicked-low prices"? Figure you’re just as clueless about what this occupy Wall Street business is all about. Looking forward to the day you get a dose of the wicked real world.

  • SHE

    It is shameful that an American Print Co. would use China for printing and have it shipped here. That is jobs taken away from America. Plus it closes other print shops because Amercia can’t compete with China prices they pay their people so little. We are giving away our money to China. Did anyone see the 26 car pile up of $200,000 cars in China on Monday. We are making them rich (everyone one of the cars were Ferarri’s). PrintNinja should be put out of business. They should move to China they love China so much instead of their own country.