Launches a Printing Price Comparison Service

AUSTIN, TX—Jan. 3, 2013—Online printing companies offer the convenience of printing business cards, brochures, stationary and other marketing materials. Unfortunately, because there are so many online printing companies from which to choose, it’s difficult to know which company is offering the best printing deal. is new online service that enables visitors to easily compare printing quotes and save up to 60 percent.

Until now, the only way to find the best online printing deal was to log into one website after another and enter a printing quote request again and again. uses an innovative search engine to make price comparisons between more than 400 printing companies in just minutes.

Along with his team, Sajid Hussain, CEO of, developed the site’s price comparison features based on feedback from actual users. The goal was to create an online portal that was easy for both consumers and printing companies to use.

But Hussain knows that having an easy-to-use system for comparing prices is not enough. “The printing industry is global,” insists Hussain. “We are the first printing price comparison service to give our visitors access to printers throughout the world. Visitors can now get quotes from companies in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia with more countries coming online soon.”

It’s not just the global reach of that makes it unique. The service is also completely free to both consumers and printing companies.

When a consumer visits, there is no need to log in or set up an account. Also, printing companies can become partners at no charge. After creating an account, companies can log in and upload the deals they will offer to visitors.

About is a privately held company that is committed to helping consumers find the best online business deals while providing targeted marketing opportunities for online printing service providers.

  • Horrible Idea

    Whoohoo. Another Horrible idea to drive the printing prices down.

    Here is the prediction. Everyone is going to be selling for "free" and hiding their costs in shipping.
    What a good way though to get VistaPrint to advertise on that printingwatch site… what a goldmine of those wanting the cheapest price, regardless of quality, speed, or "green" initiatives.

    Those that are advertisers there… shame on you… those that got there by a mistake… ask to be taken off!

    The only thing that is smarter, is the “no print day”… who is with me?

  • Bad Idea…??

    I agree at the moment. I could see it now my customers having me just do the design and not the printing for them. Then when it goes wrong on press/finished product because they chose the cheapest it’s my fault… but there is the chance that it may have some usefulness if harnessed and used correctly.

    A quick search shows that there are a lot of good printers that aren’t on the list and that’s a good thing! I could see this being used as a gas war’s technique like they did during the 70’s to have a price war and anybody worth their salt in their game will know what’s up. I’m still on the fence for now how it will help/hurt the industry…

  • BL Designs

    I guess you didn;t even took time to use that platform, those who have shipping added in the price had to include the check mark and those not including the price are mentioned with shopping not included sign.

    Also the sorting can be done in all different ways and not just by price. You can book hotels, vacations and even cars via price comparison engine then why not finding the printing companies through this website?

  • LightsOn Bob

    OK, maybe it’s my mood, but I definitely want to chime in as I feel this is a group of collegues rather than competitors – I have been and am a huge proponent of LOCAL…

    vistaprint is not our competition but I do understand and feel everyone’s frustration. I (we all) have all experienced a customer walking in telling us (asking us) to match their $3.95 vistaprint price.

    Let that customer go (they are not customer, they are not in business)
    Do not adjust your price for them.

    I refer to those buyers as "wanna-be-in-business" buyers who think that being in business is about having a set of business cards.

    Let "those people" buy from vista; spend the time to order, spending the time to order a second set for the same company (like that happens a lot – do people have that much time to waste?). Let them learn that their $3.95 set will have a vistaprint ad on the back, that the normal turnaround time is 21 days (expedited orders (14, 7 and 3 days) cost cost more and cost more more). In addition, most people don’t want their cards on heavy paper. After upgrade to upgrade to upgrade the $3.95 "undersized" cards end up costing $65+. "Those People" will be back if and when they are successful in their business venture.

    Rather than rewrite my thoughts, I am going to point readers to my blog which addresses "local" and specifically local printing… Obviously I am not trying to sell the group here so be patient with my propaganda (which is very very slight)

    Relevant Blog Entries (If you want to read, you will have to search ( Google by the title) as links are not permitted here for good reason.

    “Understanding the Changing Print Market “

    “Fixing the Local Print Business. Other Companies Solutions (so they think)”

    “Fixing the Local Print Business – The LightsOn Solution – Part One – First Taste”

    If you just look at the blog, you will see its much more about "Localization" and the "Re-urbanization" of America.

    and most importantly – how and why I am here.

    “Starting a Business Again”

    Feel free to read, respond even call me – I am spending a bundle to make this happen.

    Here, I know, I am preaching to the choir.

    LightsOn Graphics (Moved from Alpha to Beta)