PrintingSkills.Com Launches Employment and Networking Forum

BEDFORD, NH—May 1, 2009—The printing industry, hit hard by the economic downturn, has been looking for ways to hire new employees and reshape their workforces without incurring traditional search costs. There has also been a need for an electronic forum where industry professionals can meet and discuss issues relevant to their areas of expertise. PrintingSkills is that meeting place.

Hireskills has served the printing industry since 2000 and announced today that the company has launched a new Website that allows companies to post job openings for free while leveraging the broad appeal of networking sites to allow people to communicate amongst themselves. Additionally, the site will allow companies to showcase their capabilities to the industry, at large.

In development for over a year, PrintingSkills introduces an online platform that incorporates multimedia capabilities to enhance the traditional resume, develops a portfolio to showcase a job seeker’s work and generates a personal home page for every job seeker. Furthermore, PrintingSkills provides a networking engine that ties the printing industry together as a community.

Job seekers can post video, audio, pdf, Excel and PowerPoint presentations to showcase their capabilities and experience. Companies can post videos of their own to advertise their capabilities to either candidates looking for work or to the graphic arts community. Candidates and companies can come together seamlessly and professionals can communicate amongst themselves on various issues in a safe internet based environment.

PrintingSkills, unlike other broad-based networking sites, is uniquely focused on networking within the printing industry. The site makes it possible for people setting up discussion groups to control the number and qualifications of people signing up within their group.

Jack Lecza, Hireskills GM and Manager of PrintingSkills said, “We believe the time is right for industry-wide networking, given the acceptance of sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. The value we offer our industry is multi-faceted. We offer free job postings for all printers in the country and the ability for job seekers to market themselves well beyond the posting of a resume. Additionally, PrintingSkills offers a networking environment, which is defined by the users and focuses on their areas of expertise. This is a unique and powerful mechanism for companies to market their organizations to both the community at large as well as job seekers”.