Friday Video: ‘Printing’s Alive 2’

The Print Fanatic is back! Joined by his team at Pazazz Printing, he passionately (to put in mildly) expresses the power of printing…including the capacity to “save lives!” The ways “We can’t live without printing!” are demonstrated in a series of campy vignettes (the obligatory bathroom scene could have been omitted).

The original “Printing’s Alive” video can be viewed here.

  • http://StevenSchnoll Steven Schnoll

    I watched this video and thought this is absolutely the wrong way to promote our changing industry. While Warren makes some very valid points concerning packaging and some commercial applications, he is defending a technology that is in a change mode. All you have to do is read the recent articles about book and magazine publishers moving to digital delivery methods and now the New York Times saying that the print editions days are numbered…

    If printers would only realize that if they can help their customers transform the way they do business by providing innovative methods of delivering content they will not only survive but thrive.

  • http://BuzzTatom Buzz Tatom

    We also promote our company by videos but I will say I love his videos. Don’t think some of the words and beeping would work down here in Dallas but he is definitely creative and colorful.

  • http://DebiCarlson Debi Carlson

    We laughed so hard watching the 1st video! Nobody else gets printing jokes but printers! I have to say that my kids loved his “son” in the first video!! They were both in the print shops I worked in within 10 days of their births! They are now 21 and 15. They know just how that kid feels! My whole shop loves the Pazazz videos! Keep ’em coming guys, we can all use the laughs we can get!