Goes to the Dogs, Increases Productivity

LIVINGSTON, MT—June 17, 2010—Are you taking your dog to work on June 25th? Join (PFL), and employers nationwide to promote pet adoptions and the value of dogs in the workplace for Pet Sitters International’s “Take Your Dog to Work Day” (

“Here at, we bring our dogs to work on a daily basis,” says Andrew Field, PFL Founder and CEO. “Our dog-friendly policy helps staff morale and builds camaraderie among employees, so it is important for us to celebrate this fun day and help increase awareness for pet adoptions on a regular basis.”

Why have office dogs?

On Pet Sitters International’s “Take Your Dog to Work Day,” businesses of all sizes come together to recognize the benefits of dogs in the workplace. Having your canine companions close by:

• Aids in creating a more productive, work environment;
• Helps stimulate employee creativity;
• Offers a great social catalyst for relationship development between coworkers; and
• Decreases employee absenteeism!

Tips to Celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day

If your business would like to participate in the celebration, here are some ideas from PFL:

• Conduct a “Best in Show” dog competition

“We have over 15 dogs here roaming the halls on any given day, so this will be a fun competition to get PFL employees involved in raising awareness and celebrating the value of our four-legged friends,” says Jessica Cooper, PFL Marketing Manager. “Plus, 100% of the entrance fees will be donated directly to the local animal shelter,”

• Raise donations and awareness for dog adoptions

To get involved on a long-term basis, use vendors who support dog-friendly organizations of your choice. PFL regularly gives coffee as customer appreciation gifts and only uses vendors who donate a portion of the cost directly to the Stafford Animal Shelter’s homeless pets.