Printing-Writing Paper Shipments Declined Again

WASHINGTON, DC—Sept. 21, 2011—According to the American Forest & Paper Association’s August 2011 “Printing-Writing Paper Report,” total printing-writing paper shipments decreased 6.4 percent this August compared to August 2010. All four major printing-writing grades posted decreases compared.

U.S. purchases (shipments + imports – exports) of printing-writing papers decreased 10 percent in August. Total printing-writing paper inventory levels decreased 4 percent, compared to July 2011.

Some points of interest from the report include:

  • July exports of uncoated free sheet (UFS) increased year-over-year for the fifth straight month.
  • Shipments of coated free sheet (CFS) decreased year-over-year for the ninth consecutive month.
  • Coated mechanical (CM) purchases decreased year-over-year for the fifth consecutive month.
  • Uncoated mechanical (UM) shipments decreased year-over-year for the fifth consecutive month following 15 consecutive months of year-over-year increases.

Source: AF&PA.