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The Drivers of Greatness —DeWese

November 2009
I JUST finished carefully reviewing the Forbes magazine Richest 400 Americans list for 2009. 

I didn’t make the ranking.

First, I am nowhere to be found on the People magazine Sexiest Man in America list and I’m not even an also ran on the Richest Americans list. I am not on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

If there was a Most Enabling list, though, I’d be ranked in the top 20. I am one hell of a great enabler. No tough love from me, only how much can I help? That’s probably why I’m not on the Richest 400 list.

I’ve coached more than 300 baseball wins for various teams ranging from 12-year-old to semi-pro teams. That should put me on some list. I also pitched more than 100 wins in several softball leagues before retiring. Maybe there’s a ranking somewhere for softball pitching wins.

By the way, the Forbes 400 richest people’s total wealth declined more than $300 trillion this year due to the recession. Glad I wasn’t part of that loss. I’m too smart to lose that kind of money. I never invested a nickel with Bernie Madoff, so I also avoided that debacle. I must be some kinda genius.

We need a list of the Top Print Salespeople in America. If we had one and published it, competitors would be in a recruiting frenzy trying to steal the top producers to get their “books” of business. I know some sales reps who sell more than $20 million annually, and even more salespeople who sell north of $10 million.

Don’t call me for the names!

All those top producers are some kind of geniuses. No different than Tiger Woods, or Payton Manning or Albert Pujols. There are some common factors that led to these athletes’ greatness—the same factors that lead to greatness among print salespeople.

Attaining Greatness

I recently discovered these requirements for greatness. Someone did the research. It was not me. I heard it on TV and quickly made notes. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the name of the research source. So, just take my word for it.

Okay, are you ready to take notes? These three “Greatness Drivers” are hard. I’m not going to be giving you some magic elixir.

Free M&A Service

Printing Impressions and Compass Capital are providing a complimentary service for readers who seek to sell their companies and for those looking to acquire other businesses. All additions to this list must be submitted by the applicant’s CEO or CFO to Likewise, respondents to any listing below should direct their inquiry to the same e-mail address. We will then pass it along to the selling or buying party.

This service is free, and does not require any type of engagement agreement with Compass Capital. Printing Impressions is providing this space as an industry service, but accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the statements shown below.

Businesses for Sale

• $25 million Heatset Web (half and full), Sheetfed and Digital Printing company serving a major metropolitan market. Is the market leader in its geographic market.

• $10 million General Commercial shop in the Southwest operates Sheetfed and Web equipment.

• $26 million Sheetfed and Digital Printing company serves a major metropolitan market where it enjoys the leading market share.

• $50 million Sheetfed Offset, Digital and Webfed Offset full-service graphic communications provider serving major clients throughout the United States.

• $22 million diversified, Digital and Sheetfed Offset company focused on healthcare.

• $21 million Webfed Direct Mail company that grew in 2008.

• $140 million Large-format Digital and Screen company showing growth and profit in 2008. Serves major Fortune 500 clients.

• $9 million Digital and Sheetfed graphic communications company serves a major market, and is profitable.

• $16 Million Web and Sheetfed company serving a major metropolitan market.

• $4 Million Sheetfed company producing high-end color work.

Businesses Wanted

• Large, full-service Web, Sheetfed and Digital company seeks tuck-in sellers with revenues in excess of $5 million, preferably in the $10 million to $20 million range.

• Mid-Atlantic Webfed Book, Publication and Directory printer seeks tuck-in companies in the $5 million to $10 million range.

• Large Mid-Atlantic Sheetfed printer seeks tuck-in sheetfed companies in the $5 million to $15 million range.

• Mid-Atlantic Sheetfed and Webfed company seeks acquisition in the $10 million to $20 million range.

• Large Digital and Sheetfed Offset company, serving a large metropolitan market, seeks acquisition with revenues in excess of $5 million.

• Buyer seeks Portland, OR-based printing operation.


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