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New Boss, Same As the Old Boss –Farquharson/Tedesco

March 2012

"My business is terrible. The buying environment is worse now than at any time I can ever remember. I leave messages, but no one is returning my calls. Clients are killing me on price and customer loyalty is a contradiction in terms. If things continue as they are, I will not be able to compete."

Sound familiar? Would it surprise you to know that this was uttered by a printing sales rep? Probably not. But, would it surprise you if you knew that the quote was from 1982? That was, gulp, 30 years ago! The more things change...

So, you think it's tough to sell print today, huh? Business is down, frustration is up and you have more excuses than orders. It's difficult to step up to bat time after time and muster enough confidence to believe that today will be any different than yesterday.

Well, you don't have to step into Mr. Peabody's WABAC machine (Under 50? Google it.) to see the obvious: The issues, challenges and objections we are facing today are not new or unique to today. Not only have they been heard in the past, but they have been overcome, too. Is this the first time in our nation's history that recovery has taken its time? No. Then why is the key to rising above these economic conditions and finding profitable printing sales any different now than in the past? Have you forgotten what it took to grow your business?

The fundamentals of sales growth are true, regardless of the economy. Stop. Read that sentence again. See, they are called “fundamentals” and not “temporary-mentals” because they work all of the time. So, hop into our Delorean and we’ll take it up to 88 mph and remind you of some sales basics as we go back to the future. The year? 1982…

Here we are in your father’s print shop. Notice how busy people seem, and why shouldn’t they be? The business climate, in general, is strong and walk-ins are walking in, money in one hand, print needs in the other.

Over there we see the sales rep getting ready to head out and make some calls. He has brochures to drop off, business cards to hand out and is having a quick word with the owner. Let's listen in...



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