Colorful Marketing Opportunities —Sherburne

In February, I talked a bit about how print service providers could use their color expertise as a marketing tool. Although I am not a color expert or a graphic designer, I do love the way colors work with each (or, hate it when they don’t). In my spare time, when I am not writing columns for Printing Impressions, I am also a fiber artist, weaving, spinning and doing needlework. So, because of my dual interest in the craft of printing and the craft of fiber arts, I like to keep my eye on the latest color trends.

You would think that with all of the colors we have available to us in the wide range of PANTONE color guides, we could meet just about any color need. But, according to Pantone Vice President of Marketing Doris Brown, there are many designers who feel differently. She says, “We had a product called “VIEW Home 2007,” which forecasts color for interior design and was made up of textile and print sample swatches and visual keys covering different trendy new palettes. We thought: ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to deliver something like this to the printing community to give them new colors aligned with the trends we are seeing in home and fashion?’ So, we identified 56 colors out of the trend book and palettized them into eight palettes, each with seven colors, and called it ‘Color Inspiration/2007.’ ”

Trendy, New PMS Colors

According to Brown, these 56 new colors are not found in the traditional PMS system; they are all brand-new colors with mixed ink formulations that allow you to accurately derive each of the colors. This is the first time since 2001 that Pantone has introduced new colors into its system, and only the fourth time in its history.

These colors are very cool, and apparently designers have been thrilled with them, so it is likely that you will start seeing them turn up in work brought into your shop. Putting on your proactive marketing hat, though, why not think about how you can take your “color marketing” to a new level with your designer, in-house marketing and agency customers?

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