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Sir Speedy has announced it will sponsor Leslie Porterfield, “the fastest woman in the world on a motorcycle,” for a second year.

A journey to Graph Expo in Chicago wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Technifold USA booth.

No, I’m not partial to binding equipment, nor do I get any particular jollies out of seeing creasing and perforating gear. But, you have to love people like Gina and Andre Palko. I’d be hard-pressed to name two friendlier, easy-going and likable folks. They make visitors to their world feel immediately at ease and welcome.

Perhaps that’s how the Palkos came to be involved with Rodrigo Castellanos. A friendly fellow with a constant smile, Castellanos is part of a family-owned binding house located in Mexico City called Offset Universal. Four years ago, Castellanos met the Palkos and purchased a Tri-Creaser for his folder…then his perfect binder…not to mention stitcher.

Castellanos kept snapping up Technifold gear and found himself being a cheerleader for the Palkos back in Mexico. So, it seemed fitting for Castellanos to become a distributor in his home country.

“I just wanted to share my happiness with their equipment,” gushed Castellanos. “I’ve been a distributor there for four months. I wanted to share their technology with Mexicans.”

Perhaps the Palkos missed their calling as restaurant or bed-and-breakfast owners, but it’s refreshing to see that hospitality applied to a distributor of machine components. Rodrigo Castellanos was certainly impressed with the people and products.

NO, THANK YOU: It’s the morning of the first full day for Graph Expo, and the cool Chicago morning is obliterated by the sickening thud of kitchen utensils striking pots and pans. Only it isn’t a Western omelet being whipped up at a local greasy spoon, but the chords of discontent being chimed by the striking housekeeping employees at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

The action, echoed at Hyatts in four other cities as well, was taken in protest of the company’s alleged abuse of housekeepers and inability to outsource jobs. That point was being driven home in the most annoying fashion. Nothing like obnoxious clanging at 8:30 in the morning.

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